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right now? my buddy got me hooked on wow a couple months ago...lovin it =) before that i was a huge fps junkie...but i love all games in general.

About Me

well lets start by sayin im a professional badass...naw but seriously i love to do stuff, but i really like to do fun stuff...and that fun stuff is awesome when its done with ppl, but not just normal ppl im talkin like uber badass ppl that rock! but sometimes im all like "hey broski, i just wanna chill n frozen peas. ugh, i hate peas....anyway, im easily distracted but sometimes that makes things fun....but when i focus u betta watch out, ill cut u foo!

My Interests

im interested in stuff. i like ham, pizza, and women...and everythings better when u put em together like a pizza eating female pig! no...wait....i mean like a woman who likes ham pizza! whew thats a lil better...i mean i guess its cool if that chick dnt eat ham pizza....pepperoni is good too! ....or she could not like pizza as long as she doesnt mind me eating pizza...and doesnt force me on the south beach diet lol i hate peas! but yea if u wanna know more...tough luck cause i dnt really know u...creepy person.....jk =p

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