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Ex-WoW junkie, hermit and amateur human being.

About Me

I think I burned out on WoW gaming-wise. I played it for 7 1/2 years and quit half-way through Pandaland because it was getting too big and stupid and there were too many asshats playing. I've tried Elder Scrolls, Age of Conan, Rift, LotR, Archage, Neverwinter and a bunch of others but none got me as excited as I used to get palying WoW. Diablo 3 is okayish. I still play that now and then but it's not particularly rewarding. I play Mahjong, Sudoku and Hangman to pass time if I'm waiting for something and have nothing better to do but that's all. Guess I get more thrills from real life, now! /shrug Still here for the nerd shirts and other stuff, though!

My Interests

Music, history, science, good vegan food, red wine and coffee, stout & porter, puzzles, history, languages, architecture, philosophy, music, playing guitar, accumulating badges...

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