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I make coffee, play music, collect music, bake, and hang out with my impressionable 6 year old son (who now likes WoW, Bad Brains, The Advantage and Space Ghost :) .

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Warcraft, The Young Ones, Bruce Capmbell, Adventure Time, Red Dwarf, Investigating other MMORPG's, Nashville Pussy, Bad Brains, 7Seconds, Youth Brigade, Aggrolites, Descendents, The Queers, Brother Inferior, Skoidats, Sweet Baby, The Advantage, Snapcase, Reagan Youth, The Supersuckers, Gotohells, The Vindictives, Zeke, English Beat, Madness, The Jam, Avail, The Methadones, Inspector 7, Old Bad Religion, The Dwarves, Bloodhound Gang, Orange Goblin, Clutch, Three Inches of Blood, Motorhead, Darkbuster, Weird Al, Richard Cheese, Screeching Weasel, Squat...

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