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Epic World of Warcraft J!NX Armour Set: [[Chest:]] Murloco's tee Brewfest tee Legendary Class Warlock tee Legendary Class Rogue tee Legendary Class Hunter tee Legendary Class Paladin tee Legendary Class Death Knight tee For the Horde tee Red Horde spray tee Zeppelin Tours tee Azeroth Exterminators tee Thunderbluff Warstompers tee Dalaran University tee Orgrimmar Military Academy tee Deathwing Rune tee Ironforge Anvils tee (Only equipped because I looted it from the corpse of an alliance character) Horde Spray tee Horde Shield tee Property of Tol Barad tee Pandaren Brewmaster Tee [[Shirt:]] Green Linen Shirt [[Cloak:]] Horde premium women's hoodie x2 Horde spray hoodie [[Trinkets:]] J!NX Skull keychain J!NX Sticker pack [[Vanity Pet:]] Cuddly Murloc toy x3 [[Food]] Taverncraft Orgrimmar Mug Taverncraft Undercity Mug Blizzon 2017 Beer Stein [[Bags]] 6 slot Horde wallet

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Find me on Defias Brotherhood. For the Horde!

My Interests

World of Warcraft, Harley Davidsons, IRC trivia quizzing, Melrose Place reruns, TROLLOLOLOLOLOL

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