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goingloopy - psn (ps3/ps4) || twitter - savelando || savelando#1648 - battlenet (not that i'm there much)

About Me

i talk too much. i like words and sci-fi, humor, shoes and long walks on short piers. i mine personal embarrassment for laughs. and money: ask for my paypal link. odd fact? i don't use the name Lando because i'm a Star Trek nut. it's close enough to my real name that it kind of became a nickname that stuck. well, that and that i'm a spitting image of Willy Dee Billiams. i'm not quite as stupid as i look, but i'm trying. way too hard maybe.

My Interests

TKC - the finest people around, in the literal and figurative. sexy mothers, one and all, and the most supportive people i've ever been fortunate enough to know. pop culture in general. nerdiness. sarcasm and other forms of underused wit (see?). irony without clothes to prove it. DOCTOR WHO, any Whedonverse, making horribly tasteless jokes and embarrassing basically everyone around me (not excluding myself). Reddit. Sports. if you're just here to try to get free swag and flirt with every piece of ass within sight, i feel sorry that you're missing out on something wonderful, because you are. if you think i'm pointing the finger at you, i probably am. you know what, yes. i'm definitely talking about you, and i'm tired of sugarcoating it. like this site for what it is and could be. rather than just a place to be a douchebag/poonhound, some people here make this a great (albeit shrinking) community. inclusion and encouragement go a long way to strengthen relationships and friendships in POSITIVE ways. Gunning for Rex Banner. Only 25k to go! Certainly an impossible mission.

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