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I'm always into too many things at once - I have a hard time focusing on one thing I guess =). I LOVE World of Warcraft, though I only started playing this year. It's so engrossing and "wide" in what it can do and what you can do with it - right now I am enjoying building my Guild (FULL METAL JACKET on Ysondre *wink*) of over 300 members - it's fun being the Boss =). I'm really digging Fallout: New Vegas on the XBox360 too. Anything Fallout is amazing - who doesn't love the theme of post-apocalyptic??? I'm also loving this game "League of Legends" that you can download for free and play - it's just indescribably awesome and competitive - try it! Currenty watching season 5 of LOST (I know I'm behind!) and just watched R-rated tv series called "Sparticus: Blood and Sand" - totally reccommend this $#&ing bloodbath to anyone - it's "special", oh yes.

About Me

Stats: I'm a 26 year old male humanoid, 5'11, bearded since I can remember, and I live in a 5 story house with my burrly sidekick, Oliver the American Pitbull Terrier (he is both handsome and loyal, and generally only barks at squirrels and small ugly dogs that aren't realllllyy dogs). Occupational History: I own and operate my own Meat Shop with a current staff of 5 + me. Best Filet Mignon in town *snazzy wink face*. I very much enjoy the phrase "Meat is Murder.... Delicious Murder...". My sister is a Vegan, and my girlfriend is a vegetarion.... go figure. I also used to work at a Comic Book Shop for 3 years, and I took Advertising and Marketing for 3 years in college (passed with flying colours too). So yeah, I "get" geeky stuff, and I can usually sell ice to eskimos if I feel like it ;) Relationship Status: Taken. Pictures to come, as "Miss Minorthreatt" also enjoys this website thouroughly and sometimes we're so damn dorky that we buy matching shirts =). Other Stoof: I enjoy long walks with my APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) Oliver AKA "Chunky Munky, Young Sir, The Big O, Boo-Boo, Cinder Block Head, Love Muffin, etc. - especially in the winter because he has an awesome winter jacket and likes to push his face through the snow. As you may or may not have guessed, I'm Canadian and thus I live in Canada, eh? I love donuts, but can't drink coffee (do you really need expansion on that fact?! no). I love meat - LOVE it, and thus not a day goes by that I do not partake in the pleasures of the flesh, and I don't mean that in the most commonly used tense - though not that there isn't truth in relation to that either, but I digress and now am even semi-confusing myself. I enjoy being scared, as long as it's under control (ie: a well-maintainted roller-coaster). I also really like to write, and I like words, and I like comparing things verbally, I like metaphors, blah blah blah. Thought: WOW is NOT nerdy at its root, but some of the people that play it ARE without question. Judge not the game, Judge the individual ;) Any questions?? Just ask on my wall and maybe I'll notice ;)

My Interests

I am very interested in earning J!nx gold and amassing a closet-full of their sweetass t-shirts. I love that you can earn gold and exp on this site - it's like playing WoW, except the "gear" you earn is actually wearable =). I wish I was more artistic because I would love to design some t-shirts, but I have to settle for submitting my ideas verbally in text and hoping that maybe one day I'll get some sort of e-mail or telegraph stating that my "Dude, where's my Kodo?!" idea is the shit (and by that I mean "ill", or "sick", or whatever "negative meaning a positive" wordage that the kiddies are using these days). So yeah, J!nx is wicked cool and I enjoy the community feel here - lots of fun. Other Interets: I'm a HUGE movie-buff. I haven't counted my DVD/Blu-Ray collection in a while, but my guess is that I have over 2000. I'm in the process of building 2 more storage shelves because they really can't stack up on the floor anymore - "not le cool", as the French are so well known for saying. I love ALL kinds of movies - I have ones from as far back as the 1920's all the way up to present day. My favorite themes would have to be War and Post-Apocalyptic, but I do have an affection for weird foreign films and Tarantino is the shit. I LOVE video games in all forms. I own almost every console worth having that has come out in the last 20 years. I have an NES, SNES, GameBoy, Gameboy Colour, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, XBox360, Nintendo DS, a broken Sega Genesis, and obviously a computer ;). SNES plays host to some of my favorites. I can just about get high on Tetris Attack if I can find someone who can even stand up against me for more than 60 seconds (haven't played it? Smack yourself and accept the sting). Ummm, I'm a big animal person - I've owned lots of aquarium life, including Red-bellied Piranhas and Patriot Crabs (both have huge "OMFG, my finger is now not attached to mah hand!" potential, trust me), Ferrets, Rats, and Dogs. I have a special place in my heart for Pit Bulls - they are such amazing animals both in inherant tenacity and affection for people. They aren't for everyone, and take a lot of responsiblity to own and control in a respectable/appropriate way - but I truely feel that they are the best dog a family/person can have if they are raised properly and given love. If you ever see one, ask if you can say hello and don't be surprised if you are well recieved ;). Oliver is my current Pit, and a fantastic example of the breed IMO ;) - he's also so handsome that it's almost sinful - he's excluded from most churches and some public gatherings, likley due to this very fact. I will see if I can get him to wear some of my J!nx shirts and get his picture up here for all to get smitten over. Anyhow, HUG A PIT BULL ;) I also really like WOW obviously - Hunters are my favorite class hands down, but I dabble in everything. I'm an Auction House nut... I get sick sick joy out of controlling various markets and buying things terribley low, and selling them for an arm and a leg. Talk strat with me any time - I love sharing AH secrets with would-be "Money Bags" ;) Ummmm, I love Punk music - it's always been my music of choice. I like late 70's/early 80's stuff A LOT,but there's lots of great newage stuff too. Sex Pistols and The Exploited are some of my old favorites. I like lots of other music too - been listening to different Fallout soundtracks lately and loving old 30's 40's 50's style music - they just don't make music like that anymore, and it's so interesting and unique. I like running my store - there's nothing like running your own business and working for yourself - it's hard sometimes, but so worth it. I collect a lot of things too beyond video games and movies (did I mention I prolly have like 200 - 300 video games for 10 or so different consoles?? Love video games) - I collect "figures" (like action figures and statues - but only ones that display nice - not ones to play with for goodness sakes). I collect art a bit too - weird stuff. I sort of consider myself a collector of neat t-shirts too - I have about 3 closets full, half of which don't fit me anymore since a lot I bought years ago but can't get rid of anything, lol ;) - you know how it is. Oh! I'm really into graphic novels and indie comics, and some manga too - I used to work at a Comic Book Shop and certainly picked up some things during my time there ;). I love going to the movies at the theatre - Cheap Tuesdays FTW ;). Anyyyyyhoowwwwww, hoping to get some J!nx pics up here soon and start earning some MOAR gold for MOAR t-shirts =). Cya 'round! Oh, and I used to Skateboard, but was never any good at it ;)

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