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World of Warcraft, Sims 3, Age of Mythology, Photography

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25 year old gamer girl. I own my own freelance photography business and spend majority of my time playing games and working at the computer. I support the Horde. I have a varied taste in music, including metal, industrial, psytrance, hardstyle's and 80's. I love David Bowie and his glitter obsession. Im into horror movies, gore and comedy. I love cartoons, especially older ones. Sailor Moon will always be Number 1. Im an avid reader and I also make and stitch my own cross stitch designs.

My Interests

World of Warcraft The Sims Age of empires.Age of Mythology Tetris Need for Speed Spyro Fallout Warcraft 3 Heroes of Newearth Photography Music Movies/Tv Painting Reading Vampires [The non sparkling kind]

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