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I begun voting on more designs lately.

About Me

Human commoner 1 HP:8 AC:11 Touch:11 Flat-footed:11 Attack/Grapple:+0/1 Speed: 30ft Initiative:+1 Str:12 Dex:8 Con:15 Int:10 Wis:10 Cha:12 AL:Neutral Good Skills: Balance+2 Climb+9 Diplomacy+8 Hide+9 MoveSilently-16 Sense Motive-9 Spot-10 Swim+9

My Interests

I am fairly new to online scene but i am really enjoying myself . I like video games... ok fine I really like video games and good ones at that, well good by my standards: Halo:Reach, Castle Crashers, ES4:Oblivion, Fallout:New Vegas and all the other's I can't remember right now also all the timeless stuff like Halo(1), Super smash Brothers (N64), Gears of war(1), Crack Down(1), Grand Theft Auto II, III & IV and the one the only DOOM(1). There are others but one should not rant. Bad for your toes. I'm would have to say that I am a Xbox and or a 360 man, ONLY because I have more games on them than my N64 or computer. Hanging with friends, going to the park or the beach all that good stuff.

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