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I run all the blogs 'round these parts pardner. I walk these digital streets with the ban-hammer slung low on one hip, keeping the peace for all the upstanding minions.

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What do you do at J!NX? I'm the Community Manager here at J!NX. If you've seen any of our posts on Facebook or Twitter, you've seen part of my work. In addition to running our social media, and talking to people online I'm responsible for working with fans and groups to support the communities that love our products and play the games we make products to support. I was the photographer for J!NX until recently, but when the opportunity came to help revitalize the community section of our company I knew that was where I could have the most effect overall. What do you do with your time outside of J!NX and on weekends? I'm a hobby-a-holic. I am really bad at not picking up new hobbies all the time. I love playing board games, computer games, and a lot of mostly retro console games. I also play music with friends every week. I try to photograph live bands at least once or twice a month. I do a lot of writing, some drawing; specifically right now I'm trying to finish working on a Zine about D&D for a show in October. When I have time I make things out of leather like belts, bags and guitar straps. I'm also addicted to researching. It has never been really a specific field of interest, but I do lean toward learning how to do or make things. I really like crafting with my hands. Things I am passionate about: Even though I'm not the photographer here at J!NX any more, I am still very passionate about Photography. I've spent close to the last decade dedicating myself to trying to learn everything about photography I can, and shoot as many differing types of photos as I'm able. I specifically love live band photography. Top 3 movies: 1. Highlander 2.Blade Runner 3.Blues Brothers Top 3 Games: 1. Dungeons and Dragons (Tabletop!) 2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3. Super Mario Brothers 3 What’s your most-used alias/gamer tag/handle online? Most of the time, if I don't use some version of my name, I use some permutation of FuzzyCthulhu. I used to shorten it to FuzzyC, but usually it's just Fuzzy these days. It's been what I've used for some time now. I'm a big H.P. Lovecraft fan, and enjoy the visual of a terrifying Elder being that's all fuzzy.

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Photography, Gaming, Roleplaying, Writing, PLaying Music, Leatherworking, pretty much anything where I get to create things!

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