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I'm addicted to making smoothies and baking cookies.

About Me

I was never one of the cool kids who played Nintendo all day, err day; I owned a SEGA gen. I am an amazing procrastinator. And despite how much I (eventually) get done, I still have many things to catch up on.

My Interests

I play video games, bake, play with my cats, internet, draw, listen to music, web design, catch up on tv series, and catch up on books that I should've read years ago. I also sleep and eat. I'm an achievement whore D: (and if there are no rewards/points, I still try looking for everything possible to do in a game). Ways that I play video games (in the order of how often I use them, first one being the most frequent): - PC - Xbox 360 (I used to play on this a lot more before I got back into WoW) - PS2 - PS3 - PSP - Wii - DS

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