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Contemplating my existence

About Me

The Mad Scientist! Nerd! Science graduate: Master of Science, and Bac. Biomedical Science in Sydney Australia.

My Interests

Tea: mainly Irish breakfast, earl grey and English breakfast but i like to try other teas especially from the brand T2. Currently playing WoW (Horde with a couple alliance toons)on Aman'thul server, but also Valve games and several fps and rts games. Used to Play Guild wars 2 on Blackgate Server Hobbies: Photography. Assembling and painting Games workshop tanks and large models, currently working on a Chaos (Imperial) Knight Titan army. Rock: Queen, Eagles, Guns and Roses, Beatles, ACDC, The Who, R.E.M. Rolling stones, Alice Cooper, INXS, Led Zeppelin, The Police, America, Eric Clapton, Bon Jovi, Jimmy Barnes, Don Mclean, Europe, Billy Joel Other music: Drowning pool, Dethklok (Metalocalypse), Eminem, The Presets, Blink 182, Gorillaz, Klaxons, Cat Empire, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Gaming Music (seriously check these out): Greyfoo (spacebar clown), Cranius (WoW themed music), Jonathan Coulton (Portal's "Still alive") (i could seriously fill my 10,000 characters just listing artists i like [especially from the classic rock era]) Sports: Surf life Saving, Knee boarding, both scuba and snorkling, kendo and fencing, Rifleshooting. If you want to Battletag me on WoW my Battletag is: Faustas#2113 send me a message if you do. If you want to add me on GW2 my friend address is: faustas.5243 I am waiting for summer so i can do my beached Whale routine on every beaches in Sydney i go to. Recently practiced at my local public pool. :3

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