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Tech junky, and gaming swine. I work at night, play by day. Well honestly I'm playing either way. Man I dunno, I'm into a lot of neat techy stuff like Computers, consoles, DSLRs, phones, gadgets, TV, Did I mention gaming?? I think it's really nice to have cool sites like J!NX to purchase apparel that caters to gamer fanfare interests and rock some sweet looks. Always looking for kewl people to game with, or just shoot the breeze. I'm loving the J!NX site. So many cool people that form a great community. Nevermind all the precious loot to be had here!! Racking up quite the collection myself. 25 Tees, 3 hoodies, thermal, track jacket, 2 hats, and messenger bag. Need MOAR! Usually always on Steam so hit me up! Steam ID: ForteXanders

My Interests

Anything for the lulz. I build gaming desktops as an enthusiast, and sell them, or keep them.... It's hard to let the babies go :( Recently though, find myself digging the new gaming notebooks. I'm into scifi quite a bit. Battle Star Galactica, Star Trek, Starwars, Doctor Who, Defiance, StarGate n plenty of others. Anime Fiend as well. Hellsing, Freezing, Heavens Lost Property, Claymore, Berserk, DBZ! Favorite games: Majority of Final Fantasy games Elderscrolls series ( Morrowind oh yeah! ) Star Wars Old Republic Left4Dead Half Life Phantasy Star Online Diablo Starcraft Warcraft Theif Torchlight II Borderlands Resident Evil 4,6 Quake 3 Arena Unreal Tournament III Counterstrike Source, GO Portal DOTA 2 Any Sonic game Persona FTW

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