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Fear my judgment

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This minion is 25 years old and loves gaming. The first game I every played was Xargon ( or perhaps Mario) , some radio songs still remind me of it. And of course I also played Tetris. After that I fell in love with everything Harry Potter, including the videogames, especially Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which will always be one of my favorite games. After some doom, wolvenstein, pinball, cossacks, the settlers and so on I moved to mmorpgs, with the first being Runescape. I did also play Unreal Tournament 2004, loved it. About a year later I tried Voyage Century Online, spent four years fulltime in it. After this I played some perfect world, forsaken world, maplestory, lotro and aion. I rediscovered my gaming love when finding out about Vainglory and Final Fantasy XIV. I enjoy feeding my love for gaming, shirts, Vans ( with Etnies a good 2nd ) and hoodies a bit. Currently playing:# : OW

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J!NX, gaming merch, Vans, Music, sports, psychology, Harry Potter, personality tests Battlenet Tag: Griffy93#2994,

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