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Well I love computers. I'm also into movies, own quite a few. Video Games are the best! Gotcha get those achievements! And I love learning and playing the drums.

About Me

My name is Paul Vitale. Also known as the famous Fortygig, long story. I'm 26 years old. I have brown eyes and hair. I also wear glasses. I'm a total GEEK at heart. I love all kinds of things. I love computers, video games (who doesn't) and just hanging out with my friends and having a good time. My job is awesome. I work for Geek Squad. My ranking title is "Double Agent" which comes complete with a badge. I drive around all day in the VW beetle also known as the "Geekmobile", his name is Jack. I help clients service their computers at their home or office. I love making that "thing" just work, lol. Yes, if you like you can come along for a ride! When I'm not saving technology in the homes, I help out my fellow agents at my Precinct (Best Buy) in South Setauket. Don't forget to check out my pictures and comment my profile. See ya around.

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I love computers! Thinking about getting back into some web design. Video game is a DUH!

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