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Teaching Math til the next vacation, then lots of LotRO time!!

About Me

I'm a second career high school math teacher after a first career web developer/graphic designer/3d modeler|animator/technology trainer. My preferred games tend to be FPS and games that make me think. Currently I only have time for Lord of the Rings Online - and even finding time for that is ridiculously hard considering how much out of school time I spend on school planning/etc. I enjoy Wii when I can and have a weekly D&D session with a group of guys I've been with for about 10 years. I'm married since 1999 and have a son since may of 2009. I coach pole vaulting, mentor the MtG club and am part of the beginnings of a Quidditch club at the school I teach at. I like working with my hands and tools... when I can pry myself from the computer screen. I garden, ride a motorcycle (1985 Honda VF500-F), hike, run, eat, cook, paint gaming minis and frankly too many other hobbies that make me never have time for getting serious.

My Interests

Raising my son, playing LotRO, Pole Vaulting, QUIDDITCH

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