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So, I will admit I kinda took a break away from Jinx. Not because Jinx doesn't totally rock my socks, but because it reminded me of my friend Mojo and he passed away, it made me a little sad. I know, he probably would tell me I was being a goofball, but it is what it is. So, I am finally able to come back here without the twinge of sadness and now I am going to buy some new shirts and give 2012 a big ol' how do you do. I <3 Jinx!!!

About Me

I am an evil, maniacal banker by day, and an evil, maniacal minion by night. I play flag football, dodgeball, and softball. I am an amateur photographer who sometimes gets paid. I made a zombie movie last year called 28 Minutes Later. There is a Jinx Tee that stars in the movie as well! Oh, and I am a vegetarian. And yes, I do eat babies. 8-D Twitter: Viria26 Jinx Loot: 52 tees 2 hoodies 1 Murloc

My Interests

World of Warcraft, Photography, Tweaking, Jinx!, reading, writing, gardening, flag football, dodgeball, softball, my doggies, Renaissance Fairs, dressing up in costumes, talking to the "there is no TKC"!, games of all sorts, and camping.

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