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When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Carmen Sandiego. I bought a bright red coat and everything.

About Me

I waste way too much time on Warcraft. I also recently dug out my Playstation and have been playing Spyro and Final Fantasy Tactics. I have two guinea pigs, Paul and Wheatley, and they're constant lap-companions for when I'm playing games or watching TV. I hope to have kids who have me check under their beds, not for monsters, but for Willem Dafoe. If I have these hypothetical children, you bet your ass they'll be named after the survivors from the Left 4 dead series. I have an unholy attraction to Alan Rickman (his voice is like audio chocolate). I also have an unhealthy relationship with bleu cheese. I am a sufferer of Post-Potter Depression. I have a tumblr which I spend too much time on: I am also a T-shirt whore. Between here and Teefury, I'm broke all the time.

My Interests

WoW, Doctor Who, LOST, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones,punk music, Graphic Novels, Steam games, and baking. I'm a lover of (most) things Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, NPH, and Nathan Fillion. I'm also reading the Song of Fire and Ice series, which I am LOVING, and my bookshelf has a few Star Wars books, a few World of Warcraft lore books, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings series, Mogworld, Pride and Prejudice and zombies, a D&D manual, a Zombie Survival Guide, and a book on world myths and lore (I'm mostly a sucker for Norse mythology) So.... yeah.

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