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a housewife who spends every free moment either geeking out over her latest favorite video game, cooking gourmet vegan fare or fighting it out in her dojo. oh, and knitting to calm me down. (actually sewing too, i love sewing.)

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i own an nes, snes, wii, 3ds, ps1, ps2, ps3(X4), ps4(X2), psp, ps vita & xbox 360 along with stacks and stacks (and stacks...) of games. besides video games (which rule my world most days) i enjoy many table-top games: board-games, rpg's, card-games... you name it. other interests include: kendo, bpal, knitting, squishing pennies, loose-leaf tea, arm-warmers, sporks, sewing/quilting, striped socks, cats, cooking/baking from scratch, bollywood, vintage postcards. my j!nx loot since 2005: 120 shirts 5 thermal shirts 8 hoodies 1 jacket 3 pair socks 1 pair knickers 4 patches 2 keychains 1 pair fuzzy dice 2 lanyards more stickers than i can count.

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