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Thinking about making a second order ^w^

About Me

Hi! I'm Robbingraves [Robbin Graves] from Blackwater Raiders on WoW. Yes I'm a girl. -stab- Hmm... so about me? Well... I like games. I like pwning in them. Yea I suck at an 'about me thing' so here's some words about me. -Shy -Intelligent -Fail at spelling -Weird -Can Be Hardcore gamer -screams on vent -burps in public and laughs about it -Immature at times [XD I like BAWLS]

My Interests

Hmmm well... Gaming, shopping, gaming, talking to family during dungeon runs, role playing in game, drawing, writing, gaming, singing horribly off key at times, costuming [when I can!], eating, gaming, gaming, more gaming, Red vs Blue, The Guild, Lackadaisy [READ IT!], Dachshunds, globes, makeup [costume only. I use to call it 'war paint' growing up XD], Big Bang Theory, [Manly Men Doing Manly Things. I LOVE IT!], hats, BAWLS [XD]

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