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Settlers of Catan is an easy to learn board game for 3 to 4 players and is widely known for being one of the first German-style board games to gain massive popularity outside of Europe. The variable game board is randomly constructed out of hexes, making every session different. Throughout the game, players earn resource cards such as hills, fields and forests, and use them to construct settlements and roads, or to buy cards. Each turn, players roll the dice to see which resources are produced. The roll is compared to the numbers on the hexes, and all players with cities that neighbor on that hex gain that resource. Roads can be built to allow players to add new settlements and cities into their network. Rolling a 7 allows a player to place the Robber token on a hex to shut down its production, and to steal a card from another player. Cards can also be purchased that allow players to move around the robber, or earn victory points, among other things. Victory points are generally earned for settlements, cities and cards, and the winner is the first player to reach 10 or more victory points. Our games typically last a little over an hour.