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This game rocks' we all play it!

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Zombie dice is a very simple dice game for 2 or more players. You play as a zombie who is on the hunt for brains! Each turn you will randomly select 3 dice from the can and roll to see how your zombie fared. Each die has 3 possible symbols: A footstep that means your victim ran away and the die can be rerolled, a brain which is worth a point, or a blast symbol which means your zombie took it in the face. Dice with brains and shotgun blasts are set aside, and players can then draw back up to 3 dice to keep rolling if they want to try for more. Be careful though, once you get 3 shotgun blasts you’re toast and you lose your brains for that turn. You can also cash out your brains at any time and play it safe. There are 3 different dice colors, each of which represents the difficulty of the human you've encountered. The winner is the first player to 13 brains and our games usually take 15 to 30 minutes.