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Thumbnail of Photo of MLG Go Go Go Women's Tee.

Little known fact: The first person to ever spam the word 'go' while waiting to play a game was John Gogosmith the Third. The year was 1875. Alexander Bell had just made the first successful telephone transmission to his assistant Watson. After his Success, Mr. Bell called up his close friend John Gogosmith, on the phone he somehow already had, despite them not actually having been in any sort of widespread use. The idea was to play a match of chess via this wonderful new device, but as he was waiting for his opponent to set up, Gogosmith continuously said 'gogogogogogogogogogogogogogogogo' into the phone until Mr. Bell made his first move. So proudly wear out your 'g' and 'o' keys, safe in the knowledge that you are carrying on the venerable and totally made-up heritage of John Gogosmith, the first go-spammer.