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the duck

party time.

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To an interesting party all and one are invited
Be you Evil, Benevolent, Undead, or Undecided.

If you're a massive black dragon from the land of The End
You're welcome to come and invite all your friends.

Are you chicken or pig? Made of sentient fire?
Do you ride with the skeleton spiderback riders?

Come strange stoic pigmen in packs known to wander
and tall purple-eyed teleporting never-forgetters!

The fish spawned from stone who can wait for all time
and the the cuboid in form of both magma and slime,

The lovable zombies always slow to arrive
and the flittering bats hanging out in their hive,

All are invited to party tonight!
We'll fire up some torches and grill up a bite!
Be ready to party! You must get here fast!
(We even invited the creepers because they're a blast!)

Of course I am Steve, the host of the of it all,
and it's time for Steve's Party, a Minecraft-style ball!