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Design #1 - Rules Lawyer - See Shirt - Wil's Blog
Design #2 - Roots - See Shirt - Wil's Blog
Design #3 - Meeps - See Shirt - Wil's Blog
Design #4 - 8 Bit Crest - See Shirt - Wil's Blog

A while back, we had lunch with Wil Wheaton in Los Angeles on a sunny California afternoon. Things began as you would imagine, with impassioned diatribes exploring various aspects of gaming, pop culture, D&D and Television. About midway through our meal, a brainstorm ensued. We began to explore the specific ways that we could collaborate on something. By the end of lunch, our goal was clear: Extract some of the killer ideas that populate Wil's fertile mind, and have J!NX artists Chris Hope, Miguel Rojas and Brad Armstrong bring them to life.

On June 21st, we launched our first collaboration, an idea that Wil tweeted out a while back to his fans; "My sword glows blue in the presence of rules lawyers." This design, crafted by Miguel "Borrador" Rojas, is a nod to both the classic text adventure Zork, and to those of us that can't roll a d20 for 10 minutes without consulting a rule book. We all know that person. If you don't, it's probably because that person is you.
We'll be launching three more tees, one per week, each of which was downloaded directly from Wil's brain, distilled to a scintillating essence, and injected into the pencil (or WACOM pen) of either Chris, Miguel or Brad.
With the success of this project, we've already begun reaching out to other artists, musicians and creators that we know and respect for future collaborative projects.