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J!NX Quest: Storycrafters

J!NX Collaborations with Wil Wheaton

Working together with Wil on the first installment of J!NX Collaborations has been a blast. Our artists - Miguel, Chris, and Brad - have mind-melded with Wil and synthesized their collective energies to generate four awesome designs. Now, we want to join forces with the J!NX Community to come up with an all-new creation: the most astonishing, breath-taking, stupefying, grand, fearsome, [two more hyperbolic adjectives] story you've ever read!

This is how it'll go down: Wil has provided the opening scene of the story. Whoever gets to it first will provide the next line, in the form of a comment below. The next person will add to that line, and so on and so forth. Once the questing period has completed, we'll randomly select a valid entry to win an awesome gaming prize package, culled together from the best of old- and new-school tabletop and video games!

The first scene: The journey across the firetooth mountains was frought with adventure and peril. Many Scalzorcs were slain in the Bent Claw Pass, but not before they claimed the lives of several Men-at-Arms.

At the Spire of Shar-tek, madness consumed the apprentice wizard Caromare, forcing his master to imprison him in the amulet of Chro. By the time they reached the entrance to the Caves of Sala, they had lost so much, the adventurers wondered if it was worth the journey and the cost. Though two score set out from Hannor, only six remained: Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Paladin, Barbarian, and Thief. They stood on broken stone and steeled themselves. Somewhere deep inside the cave, the staff of Molag awaited. The most perilous chapter of their quest was about to be written.

The Paladin spoke in a clear, strong voice. "Many of our brothers and sisters gave their lives, so that we might stand here, now. Their sacrifice shall not be forgotten, and will not have been in vain!"

He drew his sword, and bounded into the darkness...

The prizes:

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be entered to win.

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  4. Read the most recent comment below, and add another line to further the story. Each comment is another entry into the contest, and you can post up to once per day.

Questing Dates: 7/15/2010 to 7/27/2010

What if I already like/follow/receive the newsletter?
All you have to do is add your line to the developing story!
What if I add a line at the same time as someone else and it throws off the continuity?
No worries. We're not grading on quality, but try to be as creative as you can. Just have fun with it.

Restrictions apply, please see Official Rules for full details.