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Comic-Con Craziness with J!NX and Friends!

2010 Comic-Con
July 22-25

A full-breasted summer lies in wait, as the J!NX Crew prepares our caravan and sharpens our axes. We embark on the long journey of our Con-filled summer this week with Comic-Con right here at our very own San Diego Convention Center. If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on a pair of tix, you can find us ogling the goods on the showroom floor Friday and Saturday.

While browsing the show, be sure to say hello and score some autographs from the full cast of The Guild at booth 4201. Their panel will be held at the Hilton Bayfront hotel on Saturday from 2pm-3pm featuring a Q&A session along with the premiere of some new content from The Guild. You can also catch select cast members in a special Hammer Improv Show on Wednesday from 9pm-10pm at the Lyceum.

Those w/o tickets or those simply looking to find where the gold at, you should absolutely catch up with us at the many events happening this fine Comic filled weekend.

ICONs @ Horton Plaza Event Center
Saturday, July 24 -- 9pm - 2am

For a taste of the finer amenities in the area, you can head over to ICONs: A Pop Culture Music & Fashion Experience. Enjoy an evening filled with live Bands, DJ’s, a Geek Fashion Show featuring the J!NX Fall 2010 collection, and a host of other live performances including Video Game Acrobatics! This event will benefit Jeans4Justice and is happening Saturday night at the Horton Plaza Event Center from 9pm-2am. Join us for a fun filled evening and get the inside scoop on our latest fashion brainchild from our very own legendary tailor Ms. Samantha Terry.

MC Frontalot LIVE @ the Casbah
Thursday, July 22 -- 8pm

If you’re looking to soothe your soul in the vein of live music, look no further than the Casbah my friends. MC Frontalot and special guests will be rockin’ the house Thursday night, July 22 with doors opening at 8:00pm. Frontalot is coming correct off his 4th installment “ZERO_dAY”, so be sure to check out the new single ”First World Problem” for a taste of the goods. Don your favorite J!NX Garb and come say hello, together we shall fill our ears with the sounds of Nerdcore.

w00tstock 2.4 @ 4th and B
Thursday, July 22 -- 6:30pm

Also celebrating geeks rise to power on Thursday night, w00tstock 2.4 kicks off at 6:30pm at 4th and B.This special event for geeks of all shapes and sizes features stand-up comedy, live music, demonstrations, short-films and much more. Come join special guests Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage (“Mythbusters”) and the music-comedy duo Paul and Storm for an entertainment filled evenings showcasing all things geek, and stick around for the exclusive meet-and-greet reception afterwards!