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I remember those days like they were only yesterday. Running across the Barren’s wasteland, tiptoeing past the boar in Durotar, Razor Hill, Sen’Jin Village. Ahh, could there be anything more luxurious then the tropical breeze upon my face as I step onto the sandy shores of Echo Isles?

Then the moment finally arrived, my first mount. Oh, the joy I felt deep within my belly. I had been saving ever copper piece I could. There was little sleep the night before. I woke up early and sprinted to the raptor vendor. My voice trembled, “1 Emerald Raptor”, I stuttered as I anxiously ripped the coins from my purse and handed them over to the clerk. And then I rode away, wind in my hair, feet off the ground, a free troll, never to step foot upon the ground again. Never!

I envy you child. Relish this moment with your father. You will never forget your first mount. And Stbabaganosh, fine job you did there, good looking family.


Photo by: Stbabaganosh

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