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The J!NX Fall 2010 Collection

With August now settled in, the Summer of 2010 begins to slowly fade away. The Fall was always my favorite season during my collegiate years, as with it came the wealth of newness that would soon become the day-to-day of the new year. With new classes, new people, new clothes and new beginnings, there is always something great about the season. Here at J!NX, we have been looking forward to the changes ahead, and we believe this will be the year for revolution. For the first time, J!NX has created a full collection of clothing designed specifically with video games and geek culture in mind. From the polos and work-wear to hoodies and classics, the new Fall 2010 collection is here to give you a taste of style, while staying true to those deep, t-shirt focused roots.

As you browse the line, you will notice subtle nuances about each piece that tie it back to video games and geek culture. Headphone grommets in the outerwear help conceal those unsightly cords otherwise hanging outside your jacket. Conveniently hidden pockets will store your portable electronics while walking the Con floor or gaming on XBox Live. Cell phone pockets are wide enough for even the largest of smart phones and the zippered pockets will keep your contents safe after your girlfriend convinces you to ride Drop Zone.

We made an effort with this line to embrace the beauty found in simplicity. Interior art helps connect each piece with the inspirations behind it, leaving the exteriors across the board clean and classic. With such an amazing collection of art-driven shirts developed over the past two years, we wanted to build a line that would allow those designs to remain at the forefront of your outfit. It isn’t about replacing your favorite J!NX tee with an Argyle Polo or a Nightsaber Coat of Arms, but rather to help provide you with that armor set bonus from completing the rest of the outfit. Our collection is built around incorporating our expansive line of tees, so be sure to check out the Recommended Items to build a look around your favorite pieces from the collection.

As summer schedules fizzle back into the pre-holiday grind, and you find yourself packing up the Summer garb, think forward into the new year and how you will embrace your inner being. Here at J!NX we stare boldly into the future with only one goal, to stand at the forefront of the lifestyle enveloped in video games and geek culture, by developing a collection of clothing specifically designed to represent who we are and what we do. Our vision has always been to create more than just a line of t-shirts, and the Fall 2010 Collection is the first of many steps in seeing that goal come to life. We look forward to what lies ahead, and we encourage you to come along for the journey -- this is only the beginning.

Check out the entire collection.