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Control Freak T-Shirt

When I was growing up, video game controllers had 2 buttons. Now there are six-string guitar controllers, skeletal motion controllers, even mind controllers! Minion ste7en has designed a controller that beats all the others, hands-down. In fact, I think his controller even controls other controllers; it certainly controlled the Design Arcade voting.

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Gamer Rage T-Shirt

It has been said that boredom is rage spread thin. As gamers, we do all that we can to avoid the sticky mire of monotony. Heavy on the rage, for if its fire keeps the doldrums at bay, it surely is the lesser of two evils.

Do not go gentle into that boss fight,
Our age matters not, nor what games we play;
Rage, rage when dying too many times a night.

Grats to Mephistoau, selected winner from the J!NX Design Arcade.

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