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Hab SoSlI' Quch!

“nuqneH! I’m really just your average guy. Much like everyone else I have seen every episode of Star Trek. I speak English, Elvish, Klingon and a little Spanish. Someday I want to travel back to Tatooine and look for my mother. All of my comic books are bagged and boarded. I value family and friends, even when they are not logical. I visit San Diego once a year for ComicCon.

The girl that will steal my heart must own at least one major video game console. She should understand that I can’t text her back when I’m raiding, but I would definitely respond to her whisper. Bonus points if you have more action figures then I do!

If any of this sounds interesting you should send me a message.”

Grats gaymer, this is an outstanding picture. I wrote you up a little profile bio. Feel free to use it with this picture on all the dating websites.


Photo by: gaymer

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