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Queen of Blades

Sarah Kerrigan, the psychic assassin, brooding over all us minions, slowly turning our mind over to the Zerg. We cannot resist. Only with the assistance of Sarah’s old love interest, Jim Raynor, might we begin to fight back. She is instructing her forces to rush our Fortress at this very moment. There is little hope for survival.

I love this pic, it just may be one of my new favorites. Maybe I’m just bias as I’m enjoying me some SC2 these days. Grats Nikkai, you really captured the core essence of a classic enemy. I agree with your sentiment, “Hail to the Queen Baby!”

Nikkai is no stranger to the winners circle here at J!NX, she took 1st and 2nd place in the LOLTweak Tweakfest Contest a few months ago. Check it out here.


Photo by: Nikkai

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