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J!NX @ Penny Arcade Expo

The Penny Arcade Expo is an event I have wanted to attend for a while now. Not that I am positioning myself as a time hardened veteran of this virtual holy grail, but its golden hyperlinks and pictorial debauchery have captivated my body and soul like a warm flagon of wine on a crisp night in the vale. As a newish reader of Penny Arcade, I delight in the fact that I am not required to swim through years of backlog only to take appreciation in the current. There is no required grind of levels 1-80 in order to relish in these sweet offerings of humor and wit. In my feeble comprehension of the greater Penny Arcade experience, I can only dream of grandeur as I envision a Con dedicated to such brilliance. It is this fine weekend in our midst that the J!NX Crew shall at last travel to the great amalgamation of awesome, drink of her wine, nibble on her feast, and laugh with her community. I am consumed with joy.

Con prep is something we take very seriously here at J!NX, and no expense has been spared for the 2010 PAX Prime experience. For fans of our ever popular sack toss games, the proverbial bar has been loaded into an iron-clad trebuchet and launched into a galaxy far far away. It is with bloody mitts and broken spines we proudly introduce the new frontier in [carnie] x [video game] goodness; Lads and fair Maidens I introduce to you, The Gauntlet. In this game of champions, competitors must embark upon an odyssey of rigorous challenges in an effort to prove themselves a true master of all things gaming. There will be no one-trick ponies here young squires, as the Head Shot Challenge, Retro Arcade Challenge and Bullet Hell Challenge are sure to crumble even the most fortified of gaming legends. While all brave participants are sure to receive loot, those who possess the cunning prowess and scholastic wit to conquer the challenges set before them stand to inherit a wealth of treasure worthy of the gods.

In the aftermath of The Gauntlet, having picked up the pieces of your pride left in shambles, join us for fellowship in the spirit of good times at The J!NX Super Ultra Mega Party! Friday night will be an evening of untold epic proportions, with hopping beats from the likes of NASA and MC Frontalot, and a crowd filled with your very own PAX comrades. Bring your PAX entry badge for free admission, or get your hands on one of the elite flyer’s for a discount on admission. This party is going to be uber kickass, so come say hello to the J!NX Crew, have a drink of fine liquors, and enjoy the fellowship of PAX Prime after dark at Seattle's very own See Sound Lounge!

The excitement is buzzing around the Fortress as we prepare to make our journey into the northern lands of Seattle. If you are attending PAX, we would love for you to stop by and say hello. We are located at Booth #832 with Gunnar Optiks, and in addition to the excitement of the Gauntlet, our booth will host exclusive J!NX Photo Shoots daily, shout casting by DJ Wheat, and a number of interviews with pro gamers and top industry personalities.

For those of you unable to attend PAX, we have taken care of you as well. In honor of the great festivities this weekend, simply "like" both J!NX and Gunnar on Facebook this week for a chance to win a pair of Gunnars and a new J!NX War Machine Jacket. The lucky winner will be chosen on Friday (9/3) so what are you waiting for!

Here’s hoping to see a vast array of J!NX minions at PAX this weekend.

Han out!