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Socks, Drugs and Rock-N-Roll

The J!NX Crew has been busy lately brewing up tantalizing treats and tasty morsels for all our minions. We have given our homepage a much needed facelift, produced a short documentary featuring some of your favorite J!NX Crew members, which was directed by Jinx himself, and we stole the show over at PAX Prime 2010 last weekend in Seattle.

Equally as busy has been hkhm. She has been quite prolific these days with the camera, and our eyes have much to be thankful for because of this. I decided to feature a couple recent submissions from hkhm because I couldn’t decide which one was better. Take the time to viddy her vast array of snapshots. Her talent behind the lens and in front of the chop shop screen has been growing exponentially.

Doesn’t she have the cutest socks around? Which of these two pics is your favorite?


Photo by: hkhm

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Check them out if you want to relive the J-Pop invasion of the nineties.



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