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Who We Are, What We Do

J!NX is not a clothing company. Yes, we do indeed sell clothing, but at the core, J!NX is not even a company. It’s a credo, a set of tenets. It is a way of going about your day, and a list of the things that we make important. Distilling it down further, let’s say we simmer things down to a zesty passion-infused reduction sauce, J!NX becomes simply the people that drive their automobiles to this Fortress daily. It is their values, interests and personalities that manifest into something tangible. Every blurb that hits our Community section, every piece of clothing we create, every convention we hit, literally every synapse that fires for the purposes of propagating our message, comes from the amazing craniums of the people here, my friends, the J!NX crew.

I directed this video with the intention of introducing you to these personalities. Now, since our mega-corp is clearly staffed with garish men in suits (and monocles) reclining stoically in libraries equipped with high-back, antique leather chairs, I had to hit the streets and cast some people that actually geek out daily on video games, technology, art, comics, robots, music and RPGs.

This is a mere glimpse into the soul of J!NX, the steady, rhythmic drum that gives this beast life. I get to hang out with these people. I get to go to cons with them. It’s pretty rad. If you’ve only met them on the site, here’s a chance to get to know some of them better.


Directed by *Jinx
Filmed/Edited by Duncan Barnes
Music by MC Frontalot
Featuring Moustachio, Brolo, Queue, Nooch, Borrador, Handbanana and Leeloo