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We Return Triumphant! PAX Prime 2010 Recap

With PAX Prime now a couple weeks behind us, it is due time to recollect on the awesomeness and excitement that went into this legendary weekend. Feast your eyes upon a video from the likes of our cinematic all-star, Duncan Barnes, to bring all the wonderful moments of magic together. It may only be a taste of all that made the PAX Prime weekend amazing, but a damn fine taste it is.

As I look back at the variety of shows we had the great fortune of attending this summer, undoubtedly it is PAX Prime who stands atop the proverbial mountain declaring conquest. The games were obviously awesome, but then again the games are always awesome. The sole act of watching, playing or otherwise experiencing a stellar game in the likes of Firefall or Fallout: New Vegas BEFORE your fellow comrades back home, definately carries with it a special warmth of joy similar to the idea of being bumped to the front of the line at the DMV, not that the DMV is even capable of something like this, but just imagine the joy it would instill. So ultimately, its a given that the games featured at these shows are always awesome. But beyond the majestic booths like Epic Mickey, there exists an appeal to PAX beyond that of the video game itself. It was the people, it was the place (zomg how great is Seattle?) and it was certainly the atmosphere. Join me on this recap of our PAX Prime 2010 experience, and all the wonderful times we had at the J!NX booth over the weekend.

The Gauntlet

The gaming attraction featured at the J!NX Booth was titled "The Gauntlet". The premise was to compete in a series of challenges and prove your prowess as a gaming legend. The easiest of the three challenges was titled "The Retro Arcade Challenge", featuring the worst game ever created, Frog Pond on the Atari Flashback 2. Rumor has it that this game was featured on Grandma’s Boy during the lunch-time challenge... which does absolutely nothing to make the game any more interesting. The goal was to collect 20 points worth of pixelated flies in 60 seconds. Weee!

The Headshot Challenge was probably the most fun out of the three events. We built a Nerf shooting gallery out of PVC (and brawn) featuring some of our favorite video game villains, and challenged competitors to knock down all six targets with only eight shots. The most notorious of the three challenges was undoubtedly the Bullet Hell Challenge. This event required only that one survive through 60 seconds of Raiden IV’s boss level 1-4 on Normal difficulty. As demanding as this challenge was, we saw a number of prime gaming enthusiasts achieve success. All in all we had loads of interest in the Gauntlet and handed out even more prizes. Much appreciation to all worthy competitors that played, and I tip my hat to those champions of all things gaming who were able to best all three challenges.

Gauntlet Pic 2 Gauntlet Pic 3

The Live Action Photoshoot

One of the more unique features of our booth at PAX included the Live Action Photoshoot. We brought a full rack of our Fall 2010 Collection, and awarded prizes for the brave souls who tried on a piece from the line and had their picture taken by none other than the sultan of swagger, THE ORIGINAL, Kevin Calumpit. This photoshoot experience was a first time endeavor for us, and we couldn’t have been more happy with the results. Lots of attendees tried on the new Line, we got loads of epic pictures, and received some outstanding feedback in the process. You can surely expect to see more of this type experience at future J!NX outings. Have a look down below at the participants in the J!NX Photoshoot.

Day 1 Photos

Day 2 Photos

Day 3 Photos

The Super Ultra Mega Party

On Friday night we donned our finest vestments and enjoyed a splendid evening of good drinks, great sounds, and unending fellowship. The Super Ultra Mega Party was the place to be, and we had a blast with everyone who made it out. Props out to MC Frontalot and NASA for keeping our heads-a-bobbin’ to that funky sound of music. Have a look at the pics for a taste of all that was epic on this fine night of fancy.

Party Pic 2 Party Pic 3 Party Pic 4 Party Pic 5 Party Pic 6 Party Pic 7

In closing, I would like to give a special shout out to brother DJ Wheat for providing everyone in the J!NX Booth with the brilliant sounds of shout-casting in its most enjoyable state. Whether it was strategic play-by-play in the Bullet Hell Challenge or a frag-by-frag recap during the Halo: Reach tournament, DJ Wheat was easily the most entertaining creative host at PAX.

As always thanks for catching up with us and reading about our PAX Prime tales. We will look forward to the next endeavor in which we can further bring the J!NX Brand to life, right before your very eyes.