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Talesworth Adventure for the iPhone/iPad

In April of 2010, I finished creating a game called Talesworth Adventure: Quest for the Dragon's Horde. I placed it gingergly into the womb of the Interweb to let it live a sentient life of its own, without my fiddling. It has lived a good life thus far.

I've always thought it would be a fun game to play on the iPhone or the iPad, but in all the years that I've been banging out code, it has never been banged (bung?) out on an Apple device. That's where Dave Bernat comes in, a good friend of mine. He took it upon himself to recreate Talesworth in the mystical, geek-hipster language that Apples devices talk in. You can now purchase TA on iTunes for your iPad, iPhone 4 or new iPod Touch for $1.99.

I know you can get this for free in a not-so-convenient form with the Flash version I have out there. That is still an option. However, for $1.99, you get a rad mobile option that also includes a feeling of pride that you supported the indie game scene. And by the way, you know that Apple takes 30% of everything sold by people like me? Fortunately, the $100 annual Apple Developer Membership fee includes a small bottle of KY.




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