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Walking Dead

The nightmare is about to begin. The world as we know it will be altered as friends, relatives, and significant others will become infected. These people we once loved morph into monstrous creatures intent on the destruction of the living. They may resemble this person, and they certainly inhabit the same physical body. But, they must be dealt with. Take Haradria as a prime example. She was the sister of a J!NX Crew member who is now faced with a difficult choice. Does this J!NX Crew member leave Haradria roaming about in her undead form, which may lead to the infection of innocent survivors, or possibly even himself? Or does he grab his pump action shotgun and take care of business in the same manner he typically follows when faced with a roamer about to claw through his throat?

I, for one, cannot wait until Sunday evening for a myriad of reasons. First, it’s Halloween, everybody’s favorite holiday. But more importantly ‘The Walking Dead’ is brought to life. Our resident comic book ultra fanboy Nooch slowly infected many of the J!NX Crew members here at the Fortress with Robert Kirkman’s masterpiece. I fell victim and never looked back. AMC will be airing the first episode Sunday night. We are all anxiously awaiting the debut and hoping that our visions of Kirkman’s world ring true on screen.

Lastly, grats to Haradria on her fine pic submission with quality work and perfect timing. I heard rumors that the actual shop abilities belong to another party? This needs verification


Photo by: Haradria

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