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Women of J!NX - Lend Me Your Ear!

Hello there, ladies. Brolo here. You may remember me from such educational blogs as "Fundead: How to Enjoy the Zombie Apocalypse" and "Mana-tees: Dressing Your Pet Sea Cow". But I'm not here to talk about splatter-painting or a waterproof muumuu; I'm here to talk about women's clothing, and how J!NX is trying to address the needs of the ever-growing community of female gamers and geeks. We want to run some ideas past you, and then we want your suggestions for improving our women's clothes.

Allow me to preface this by saying that J!NX is on a quest: we want every Geek and Gamer on Earth to have access to clothing that proudly displays their passions, and makes them look dead sexy at the same time. We hate going to the mall and seeing all these brands for skaters and surfers and ballers and dancers and prancers and romancers, but nothing for people that live in our world of evil robots, internet memes, power-ups and pwning! It's a travesty, a sham, and a mockery. But worry not! We will defeat the shrivs who have stood in our path for so long, and bring the glory of geek and gamer awesomeness to the masses!

As many of you know, we do not offer a women's version of every design we sell. The reason is simple: we don't want to spend money producing something that nobody wants to buy. Many of our women's shirts inexplicably sit on the shelves, while their male counterparts sellout immediately. Rather than making shirts that too few people want, we have decided to spend our resources on improving J!NX in other ways. We will still print some Classic and Design Arcade designs on women's tees, but only if we think that women will buy them. If a design does very well, and we receive many requests for a ladies' version, then we will make a girlie tee after the fact.

We've given a lot of thought as to why the women's tees don't do as well as the men's. We think the main reason is that boys wear a lot more t-shirts than girls. Most geek and gamer men wear a t-shirt almost everyday. Maybe not to work, but the casual geek in his natural habitat is armored almost exclusively by graphic tees. Women, on the other hand, tend to think more about fashion. Gods be praised, women actually care to wear things that are flattering and stylish, and they like to mix it up, wear different things and have fun with their wardrobe. Blouses and camisoles, dresses and halter tops… uh… you know, things of that nature. I'm not saying the ladies don't like awesome J!NX t-shirts; I'm just saying that you like other stuff in addition to the tees.

Furthermore, men and women are not exactly built the same. There are certain differences in figure that we will call "topography" for lack of a better word, and these differences oftentimes lead to, shall we say, distortion in the way a graphic is presented. I'm sure that all of the ladies reading this know what I'm talking about, particularly those who enjoy a, shall we say, a mountainous landscape. These ladies will testify that not all graphic tees designed for a man are suitable to a woman's body. The same can also be said for personalities and preferences, what is appropriate content for a man's design is not necessarily conducive to a woman's dignity; not to mention color schemes and graphic placement. Ultimately what I am trying to say is, not all existing J!NX t-shirts can be confidently worn by geeky girls.

So, we've acknowledged that we have a problem here at J!NX: we're not doing our best to care for the lovely geek girls on this fair Earth. We intend to fix that. Our first idea is to start producing some basic offerings on different women's styles, like the aforementioned camisoles, dresses, tanks, etc. We're thinking of simple designs, with subtle graphics to let the world know that you're still a geeky gamer, even though you look smoking hot in your feminine new top. We're talking IDentity-type clothes here, high-quality stuff that'll make you smile in the mirror. Our second idea is to start mixing up our t-shirt cuts. Maybe offer a baby tee on one design, then a plunging v-neck on the next, then a tank; you get the idea. We'd still put the same graphics that you love from our men's shirts, but the graphic might be scaled down or moved around to better compliment the cut of the shirt.

So those are some simple thoughts, but we look forward to hearing what you, the Women of J!NX, have to say about your clothing needs. More than anything, we'd like to know what kinds of things are important to you when you decide what clothes to buy. We know that you are all very unique, but we want to hear from each and every one of you magnificent ladies, and if you have friends who live this lifestyle then we want to hear from them, too! It's our job to give you what you want. So make demands! I demand it!

Eternally yours,


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