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Voting Open on "Walk of the Dead" Tweakfest!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

Once the news hit, it spread quickly. Zombies. Everywhere. The future of mankind is uncertain. Perhaps the most tragic loss of all is the entire J!NX Crew. Oh, they're still around, but instead of a healthy thirst for games and geekery, they now have an insatiable thirst for brains. We have captured some gruesome shots of the J!NX Fortress in its current state. They are not pretty, so be advised. Vote for your favorite and earn 50 EXP!

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Accepting Submissions: Pixel-Art Tweakfest!

What would happen if the great masters worked in pixels, instead of paint? It's time to take old masterpieces and give them a new twist. Take a work by Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Warhol, Dali, or any other well-known artist from he past and re-create it in 8-Bit form. Artistic license is allowed and encouraged, but the original work must be recognizable in the final submission. Please reference the title and artist of your source material in the description. Good luck!!

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Winner Announced: "Space Cowboy" Tweakfest!

For Tweakfest Superstar Rex Banner, this round was like a walk in the park. It's as if he just woke up one day, hopped on his AT-AT and took a leisurely ride over to Tweaktown. Maybe he picked up a frosty sarsparilla while he was in the area. Congrats again, Rex!

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