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DIY: Dress From a T!

By now, you have probably read and commented on our epic scheme to bring you new and more stylish options to express your inner geek while flattering your lovely lady curves. Rest assured, I am as excited about this prospect as you are. On almost any given day you can find me sporting one of my many J!NX tees with jeans and a hoodie, but every now and then my inner fashion geek raises her battle cry and demands something different, possibly longer and more dress-like to wear with some kickass leggings. So, while we work on bringing your wardrobe wishes to fruition, I thought I'd share one of my favorite DIY style solutions with you. Read along with me as I fire up my trusty sewing machine, grab an oversized J!NX tee, and get down to some IRL T-shirt Tweaking.

Here's what we'll need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Oversized Tee (I recommend a men's tee that's at least a couple sizes too big.)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Fabric Pencil or Marker
  • T-Shirt that fits you

Step One: Side Seams

  1. Turn your oversized tee inside out and cut off the sleeves at the armhole seam, make sure you save these since we'll need them later.
  2. Next, lay your shirt flat on the floor or table. Lay your T-Shirt That Fits on top, matching up the neck and shoulders.
  3. Using your Fabric Pencil or Marker, trace the sides of the fitted tee to mark your side seams. (If you're using a regular marker or sharpie, use one that's the same color as your tee so it doesn't show through.)
  4. Pin the oversized tee along the lines you just drew.
  5. Sew both side seams. Be sure to use ballpoint needle and a stretch or zigzag stitch so the t-shirt fabric can still stretch.
  6. Cut off the extra fabric at the sides, leaving about ¼" - ½". (If you have pinking shears, use them. This helps keep the fabric from fraying and will last longer through washing and wearing.)

Step Two: Sleeves

  1. Lay your Oversized Tee flat again with your Fitted Tee on top. Fold the sleeves of your Fitted Tee forward and mark where your new armhole seam will go. Flip both tees over and repeat on the back.
  2. Cut off the extra fabric at the shoulders ½" from your seam line.
  3. Grab the sleeves you cut from your Oversized Tee and lay one flat on top of your Fitted Tee's sleeve, matching up the fold.
  4. Trace the armhole seam and underarm seam with your fabric marker.
  5. Pin the underarm seam, then cut off the extra fabric ½" from your seam lines.
  6. Use new sleeve to mark and pin the seams on the second one.
  7. Sew the underarm seams on your sleeves using your stretch or zigzag stitch.

Step Three: Attaching Your Sleeves

  1. Turn your new sleeves right side out.
  2. Place them inside your Oversized Tee (which should still be inside out) and match up the underarm seam with the side seam.
  3. Pin at this seam, then work your way around the armhole pinning as you go.
  4. Sew around the armhole ½" from the edge.
  5. Trim the extra fabric to ¼".

Turn it right side out and try on your new T-Shirt Dress!

Optional Step Four: Side Draw Strings

Did your T-Shirt Dress turn out too long? Or maybe you just want to jazz it up a bit? Add some side draw strings to the hem.

  1. Take some of the extra fabric you cut from the sides and cut two strips 1.5" x 10".
  2. Pin to the inside of your shirt, centered over the side seam.
  3. Sew the sides and top down, leaving the bottom open.
  4. Sew up the middle and stop ½" before you reach the top.
  1. Cut two more strips from your extra fabric that are 1" x 24". (You can also use ½" ribbon or a shoe lace)
  2. Attach a small safety pin to the end of your fabric strip or ribbon.
  3. Thread this through the channel you just sewed.
  4. Cinch up the fabric and tie!


Now you can wear your awesome new t-shirt dress out anywhere you like: arcade, mini-golf, dinner and a movie, dive bar, first date, on the couch watching Big Bang Theory, gala ball... you get the idea! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. =D

- Leeloo the Siren