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Swampy was a young troll priest exploring Durotar, hunting around Sen’Jin village. He was very curious and loved to listen to the elder trolls tell stories of the early days of the Darkspear. His favorite tale will always be the story of the great leader Sen’Jin, with the aid of Thrall, who pushed back the human forces and defeated the murloc high sorcerer, freeing his ancestors and allowing them to live again in peace.

Swampy was in training, hoping to one day follow in Sen’Jin’s shoes and champion his fellow trolls. He had been studying the dark art of his hero, a witch doctor of incredible power. Today he can step in and out of the shadows at will, much to the admiration of young trolls such as Kotoni and her friends. He is now a troll of legends, bringing down pain and plague upon any enemy that stands in the way of the Darkspear’s prosperity.

Swampy is now a hero and the Darkspear are peaceful and happy, but great change is felt in the air…


Photo by: Kotoni

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I bought some new records. It's worth the investment, especially @39 minutes onward... OMG 20:12 -> 21:13... Just listen.

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