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J!NX in Yellow Rat Bastard - Soho, NYC

It's only been 6 months since we expanded beyond T-shirts, and I'm quite pleased to announce that you can now find J!NX Clothing in Yellow Rat Bastard (YRB). It's a boutique that we have a great deal of respect for, found right in Soho, New York City. To commemorate the event, we're offering a limited edition T-shirt on our website, and January 17th launches J!NX week in YRB. That means 25% off all J!NX clothing there, and a 7 day high score competition on our arcade cabinet. If you live in or around NYC, please, show the love and stop by. Keep reading for a bit of the story...

This is truly a milestone for us. Back in 2003, we succeeded in getting some J!NX tees into our very first actual brick-and-mortar store, San Diego Technical Books. Maybe it's not a clothing brand's first choice to score a rack in a book store, but I'll tell you this, they are hands-down the coolest place to buy obscure, geeky books that you could typically only find online. They agreed to champion a small rack of J!NX tees, nestled away near the back of the store. I was so damn proud. It felt good. Someone finally said "Yes, I'll take a chance on you".

When we launched our first full line of custom clothing last Fall (2010), it was like we were starting over in some respects. Sure, we've got a handle on which stores make sense to receive the J!NX T-shirt love, but placing jackets, buttondowns and polos in a store, that's a new game all together. The challenge lies not only in the types of clothing we expanded into, but also in the lifestyle that we represent. For example, if you're a surf/skate brand, there's shops around the world that you'd naturally sell to. Hodad's Surf Spot, Krinkle's Jam Pad, Skate City (I'm making these up), these stores, they'll understand what you're doing, what you stand for. Where does a label inspired by video games and geek culture live (aside from online)? There are no obvious choices.

Enter YRB (Yellow Rat Bastard), a rad boutique right in SoHo, New York City. This place has an artistic vibe, an eclectic dècor, many up-and-coming brands, and best of all, they get J!NX. They believe in what we're doing, what we stand for. It was an easy decision, we'd found a brick-and-mortar home for J!NX.