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World Peace? - Halcyon #3

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Halcyon #3
by Marc Guggenheim & Tara Butters and Ryan Bodenheim
Published by Image Comics

In all other comics, the super heroes are constantly fighting for world peace. New threats are constantly popping up, though, so they rarely get a break. In fact, one of the taglines for Superman books is "the never-ending battle". Now what would happen if somehow world peace actually came about? How does a hero exist in a world that doesn't need rescuing? Take that to the extreme, even, and remove all global conflict, not just the removal of supervillains. Governments the world over are no longer at war. There are no more robberies or violent altercations.

This is the world that Marc Guggenheim creates in Halcyon. Now with Guggenheim, he typically takes a story or premise that's been explored before, but spins it on its head and presents it from a new angle. He did a similar thing with the series, Resurrection, from Oni Press. That's an alien invasion story, but told from the point of view of the humans who are still around after the aliens leave earth. In Halcyon, he questions what it's like to have these amazing abilities but not have a reason to use them. He imagines what it would be like if the world's greatest villain wasn't putting all of his vast intelligence into world domination schemes. I mean, think about that in a real-world context. Say these massively powerful figures like Hitler or Mussolini used their influence to try to do something good instead of evil. Or if companies that were spending immense amounts of money to develop weapons instead put their efforts toward ending world hunger or developing some cheap renewable energy.

But even if we achieved all that, would it really be the utopia that we all want?

Who should read this book:
People who are jaded by superhero stories.
People who fear what peace on Earth would actually look like.
People who trade tanks for tricycles.

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