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New J!NX Leveling Structure

If you are familiar with J!NX Experience Points and our leveling system, you may have noticed a jump in your level. Do not be alarmed, it's not a bug. In fact, be happy and rejoice, it is permament! In essence, we've boosted the speed at which people level, especially at the lower levels (1 through 10).

Technically, you still have the same experience. In other words, your earned experience is still the same, but the corresponding level for that experience amount is higher. Make sense? Don't make me break out the TI calculator and graph this. I'll do it, don't tempt me...

We also have new level avatars and more titles (including female specific titles, if you are female), with much more on the way. I'd tell you, but then I'd have to smite you. If you want to see a list of how the new levels breakdown, you can see that on the Gold and EXP info page.

Finally, for all of you still reading diligently, you deserve a treat. I couldn't find a good way to work this disturbing image into this blog, but someone had to look at it. I less than three Google Image browsing. This guy's rockin TI Calculator costume ranks a close second.