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Tweakfest Update in da HIZZOUSE!

Voting Open on "Visitors"!

Vote on all of the Tweakfest submissions and earn 50 J!NX EXP!

It's no secret that aliens have been living among us for quite some time. They've been learning of our cultures, and planting the seeds that will eventually grow into the trees that bear the disastrous fruits of their disastrous takeover. We need your help (well, votes) to help root them out. Earn 50 EXP for letting your voice be heard!

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Accepting Submissions: (Scary) Clowns

They have often provided the basis for some of our most horrific childhood nightmares. They taunt us with their bright makeup, their faux,fros, their maniacal laughter. For this Tweakfest, hijack the photos of J!NX crew (or any other photos of the J!NX Crew you might find) and reimagine them as these demonic circus attractions.

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Winner Announced: "Tron Tweak" Tweakfest!

Living in a computer has proven no challenge to Rex Banner who adds another Tweakfest win to the notches on his belt!

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