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Spring '11 WoW Photo Shoot

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On Friday, February 25th, J!NX will bring an age of happiness to World of Warcraft fans around the world as we unveil our Spring 2011 launch of tees. Step inside the warehouse of the J!NX Fortress and gaze upon the smexy J!NX crew as we clickety-click our 6 billion mega-shmega pixel camera many times. We engage in photo shoots like this one several times throughout the year. As Han mentions in the video, we usually use people from the J!NX crew, but on occasion, we recruit friends.

The scrupulous eye (not to be confused with eyes of the pink, red or brown variety) may notice that you can see some of the unreleased shirts while watching the video. That gives you, the viewer, the sneakiest of peeks. Enjoy!

-Sean [Jinx]