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I can’t decide who the lucky one in this picture is. Could it be chickflix because she got to meet River? I’m going to have to go with Summer being lucky enough to have her picture taken with the Legendary chickflix.

Here are some interesting tidbits of information for you. First, Sean ‘Jinx’ Gailey’s daughter was named after Summer Glau’s character River from perhaps the greatest sci-fi show ever created. Also, there is currently an interesting project in the works to get Firefly back into production. Check out Help Nathan Buy Firefly. You can’t stop the signal.


Photo by: chickflix

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Benga & Coki

Classic Dubstep anthem from a couple producers that were very influencial during the birth of the genre.

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This is such a great game, it's the epitome of 'just one more level....' I am addicted.



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