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I love this photograph. I even typed out the full word photograph because ‘pic’ just doesn’t do it justice. It reminds me of an old horror movie. But then the content is all geeky. The crazy thing to me is that by pure chance all the dice landed with their highest numbers facing the camera. Talk about coincidence. Fine job doc87.

In other news I came up with the trivia questions this week, so if you’re a treasure enthusiast like me you might enjoy this week’s quiz.

Brolo whipped up a tasty little treat for everyone called the Force Feed. You could spend your days at work actually working, or you could spend all day on J!NX like a good minion.


Photo by: doc87

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This latest mix is dedicated to Havoc and Nhyrvana who both heavily influenced the end result.

In A Disco by DJ Swampy



Pic of the Week

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