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Upgrade Complete!

Change is great. But not all change: just quarters.

- ancient Chinese proverb

If there's one thing gamers need, it’s change. New games every month, new consoles, new genres and special moves and talent builds and dungeons. So I find it amazing that we’ve gone nearly five years without a change to our website. Sure, we've made minor changes to the graphics, and we've added a buttload of new features like the Design Arcade over the years, but we haven't done much about the overall look and layout of the site. Change was way overdue.

When we started on the redesign, we tried to focus on a few key goals:

1.) Make it easier to work on. I guess this one is a little selfish, but the old website was a pain in the ass to work on. We simplified the design so it would be much easier to make changes and upgrades. Life is so much easier now; the Dev Team can spend less time on maintenance and more time making cool stuff. ^__^

2.) Use more modern stuff. The internet has changed considerably in the last five years. A lot of really smart people have figured out the best ways to make a site awesome, and we want to use those techniques to offer you guys the best shopping experience possible. You might not notice all the changes right away, but we've altered and added a lot of cool systems under the hood, and we're still working on many more.

C.) Make our products look good. We are a clothing company, after all. xD We're still working on some of the imagery, but I'm very happy with how all of our product pages turned out. Some minions have voiced concern about the new white background, but I think it really helps your eye pick out the details on the shirt better. We were also considering something like this.

IV.) Breathe some life back into J!NX! Did I mention the site was getting old? Five earth years is like 423 internet years (as proven by the Janson Dissertation on Time-Troll Dilations). It’s tough to stay excited about working on that old design. I can’t wait to do awesome new (and probably mischievous) things to the new site. Feelsgoodman.jpg

> 9000.) I’m out of reasons. Actually, I'm just eager to go play Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. But this is a project that we've been very excited about for a very long time, and the whole Dev Team has been working very hard for very many months. Very. I hope all you wonderful Minions fall in love with the new site like I have.

In Conclusion. We have finished Phase One of our redesign project, but there is a lot more work left to do. Three11, FookNasty, and myself (Brolo!) are all eager to have some fun and create things that will make you lol, grin, and possibly pee your pants with excitement. J!NX is a clothing company that makes clothes for games... call me crazy, but my dream is that someday our website will feel like you're playing a game, too! xD

I can't wait to see you all again soon. Very soon. Too soon?

- Sincerely and eternally yours,
Brolo, Programmer-at-Arms


PS: The new site is still a work in progress. If you run across a bug or weird quirk, let me know here in the comments and we’ll get it fixed. More importantly, if have suggestions to improve the site, or if you just want to rave or rant about how the new site rules or sucks, I want to hear that, too.

Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll take a short vacation. And I'll probably listen to Alestorm the whole damn time! YAARRR!!!