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Skins for the New Website!

"Without skin, your bones would be naked!"
-- Brittany the cheerleader

We like to listen to you. Really, we do. After we listen, we gather in our enclave and hold a conclave, during which we mull over your multitudinous demands and indulge in the finest libations. Once we have concluded the ritual we are typically too befuddled to remember what conclusions we had drawn. However, we always enjoy listening to you in the first place; you all have such delightful typing-voices.

Luckily for you, this time we did not forget your requests, despite the fact that we were liberal with our libations. You said the new website was “too bright" and it “burned your eyes when you crawled out of bed at an ungodly hour." Whether or not these accusations were accurate or not, I figured I would do you a Solid, and throw a bone in your general direction.

That's right... I made a website skinning system! We've added a couple of skins that you can use to view the site with a different color palette. When you apply a skin, the functionality and layout will stay the same, but the background and foreground colors will be altered. Super disco fantastic, huh?

Before you choose to change your skin, please read these disclaimers:

  • Skins are still a work in progress and are just for fun.
  • There might be little things that look broken here and there. If you are having trouble finding something, try reverting to the default skin.
  • Skins are not active in the checkout process, for various reasons. Don't be alarmed when it switches to the default skin for checkout.

To change your skin, simply follow these 19 steps:

  1. Go to Edit Your Profile. (You'll have to login.)
  2. On the left side of the Edit Profile page, underneath your avatar and the EXP number, there is a link called “Customize J!NX".
  3. Now you'll have to gather 4 dilithium crystals from four unique biospheres. Place the red phos-weave in your flux capacitor. If you don't have one handy, ask these guys. Or this guy.
  4. Go back in time and reverse everything you did in the previous step.
  5. Finally, on the MyJ!NX page, go to the bottomish area and click on a skin... it should be instantly applied to site, thereby changing the course of history and causing you to be 4 degrees more awesome. Your skill in skinning will also increase.
  6. You can change back at any time by returning to the My J!NX page and clicking on 'Default'.

But wait, there’s more? Yes, there is! My primary inspiration for the skinning system came from a delightful young individual calling himself SupBrah. He went through the trouble of reworking all the colors of the website, just for his own benefit. He wanted to bring back the old-old color scheme of green and black, from back in the days when was actually So I used his skin and made it an available skin for the site. Pretty awesome, huh?

Now here's the cool part: if you want to try your hand at skinning the site... DO IT! All you need to do is create a CSS document that that changes the colors of the various elements on our web pages. I won't tell you how, but it's pretty easy to throw together a CSS file and apply it using some browser add-ons.

If you come up with a good skin, and it has both good colors and is completely finished (meaning it doesn't have any ugly areas that you forgot to do), then you should sent it to me: brolo (at) If I get a really good one and we all like it around the office, then I will make it available to everyone on J!NX, and I will send you a free shirt and give you a butt-load of EXP. Sound good?



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German folk metal always sets things right. And this is the best of the best, as far as German folk metal is concerned. I have no idea what they're singing about, but that just means I can make my own lyrics about a one-legged halfling who drank so much beer he thought he transformed into a bastard sword. (It worked out great until he crossed himself with a real sword.)